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NFT Watch was launched in November of 2021 by various members in the Proton community. It is a self-organized initiative to detect scams and prevent other community members from buying fraudulent NFTs. Initially, all reports and judgements about different collections have been handled in the official Telegram group.

At the end of September 2022, The team of Soon.Market received a developer grant by Proton to build a proposed application which supports this effort.

In November 2022, a scammer was able to trick some community members and hosted different fake auctions for the Proton DEX Keys which provide lifetime fee-less trading on the new Proton DEX. The Soon.Market team immediately took action and announced to fight the scammers by introducing shielded NFT collections earlier than originally planned.

Currently, the shielding and blacklisting process is governed in the official Soon.Market Discord.

This repository contains content that explains in detail how NFT Watch is governed. Additionally, various diagrams within the repository serve as a basis of discussion before the decentralized application for NFT Watch will be developed.

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